Labyrinth is a journal of the Institute for Axiological Research / Institut für Axiologosche Forschungen, founded 1999 in Vienna. It was firstly published as an on-line magazine and later as printed volumes. It is actually both, a printed academic journal, available for purchase, and an electronic open access journal; past printed issues will be availble online in the archives. 

As a nonpartisan philosophical and interdisciplinary journal Labyrinth is engaged in publication of high quality peer-reviewed academic articles, critical essays, interviews and book reviews. Althought it is focuced on philosophy and on axiology, i.e. on the philosophy and theory of values and their sociocultural contexts, it is also open to related issues in all fields of the humanities and the social sciences with a special emphasis on critical thinking, social controversies and conflict resolution, interfaith dialogue, intercultural and cross-cultural communication, gender studies and managing diversity. 

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Prof. Dr.Phil., Ph.D., Sc.D. Yvanka B. Raynova

Managing Editor:

MMag. Dr.Phil. Susanne Moser

Advisory Board:

Prof. Dr. Seyla Benhabib (Boston)Prof. Dr. François Laruelle (Paris) 
Prof. Dr. Debra Bergoffen (Fairfax)Prof. Dr. Herta Nagl-Docekal (Vienna) 
Prof. Dr. Peter Caws (Washington)Prof. Dr. Elit Nikolov (Sofia) 
Prof. Dr. Lester Embree (Florida)Prof. Dr. Ronald E. Santoni (Granville) 
Prof. Dr. Nancy Fraser (New York)Prof. Dr. Anne-Françoise Schmid (Paris) 
Prof. Dr. Alison M. Jaggar (Boulder)Prof. Dr. Hans-Reiner Sepp (Prague) 
Prof. Dr. Domenico Jervolino (Roma/Napoli)Prof.Dr. Helmuth Vetter (Vienna) 
Prof. Dr. Andrzej M. Kaniowski (Lodz)Dr. Brigitte Weisshaupt (Zürich) 
Prof. Dr. Alexis Klimov  (Trois-Rivières)Prof. Dr. Kurt Weisshaupt † (Zürich) 
Prof. Dr. Hedwig Meyer Wilmes (Nijmegen)Prof. Dr. Richard Wisser (Mainz)